Stunning Carrera Y Carrera Set 18K Gold and Diamonds, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings sold as a set.

Necklace : is a brushed and shiny combination, has a total of 33 sections with nine of the sections each containing six round brilliant cut diamonds, total 54 diamonds approximate weight 0.81CTTW. Measures 18.5" long, approximately 12mm wide and weighs 107 grams.

Bracelet : matches the necklace in finish and size, measures 6" as is plus comes with two extra links included. Seven sections have diamonds, six in each for a total of 42 stones weighing approximately 0.63CTTW. Weighs 55.9 grams and approximately 12mm wide.

Earrings : Brushed and shiny finish, weighing 8.9 grams measuring 22mm long with 12 diamonds

All three pieces are signed Carrera y Carrera and stamped 750


Bracelet: 55.9 gm W: 12mm L:6" plus 2 extra links 14links 7 with Diamonds 6 Diamonds in each Total 42

Necklace: 107 gm L:18.5" W:12mm 9 sections with Diamonds Total 33 links. Each Section has 6 Diamonds Total 54 Diamonds 1.5 Brushed and shiny finish

Earrings: 8.9 gm


18k yellow gold signed carrera y carrera 750

Carrera y Carrera Panther set