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"My mission is to provide my clients foremost service

and quality jewelry with excellent value" 

Anat Schechter. Founder and Owner

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"I'm a third generation photographer who loves to be around beautiful sensual things" 

Philip Holt. Co-Founder and Partner

We bring over three decades of experience. Over the years we have come across some gorgeous jewelry at amazing prices only to be found here. We are very selective of the pieces that we buy and sell, it has to reflect, style and elegance.  A  ‘je ne sais quoi’.


Located in New York City's Diamond District, Mon Petit Tresor, was originally a web store founded in 2014 to bring some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry straight to your home. Since then we have added an office on Fifth Avenue for you to come and visit us by appointment only.


We can help you in all aspects of your purchase, we love to educate buyers on the intricacies of buying a gem.


Call us if you are looking for anything specific from engagement rings, antique pieces, and watches we will be happy to assist you. You are also more than welcome to visit our store to view our full line of jewelry.


We work with some of the finest craftmen in the industry to bring your vision to life.


Thank you for visiting us.


We upload new pieces weekly, follow us on instagram

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