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Exotic Chocolate Tahitian pearls, Slightly graduated from 14.5-12.0 mm, Spherical, dyed brown, Fine luster and clean surface, very slightly spotted only on a few pearls. Measuring 16" total with white gold pave ball diamond mystery clasp.


"Chocolate pearls are Tahitian cultured pearls bleached to a uniform brown color. Because this requires relatively expensive Tahitian pearls as a starting point, many companies now market dyed brown pearls. Rare, rich natural-brown Tahitian pearls are available but exceptionally rare. "

From GIA Website



Weight: 91.9 grams

Length: 16" Total (additional pearls available)

Width: 14.5- 12.0 mm

Main Stone: Pearl

Metal Purity: White Gold

Era: Contemporary

Condition: Excellent

Chocolate Tahitian Pearls 14.5-12.0mm 18K White Gold Diamond Ball Clasp

SKU: 1354
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